"Perry the Pack Rat finds a friend" features a very sweet pack rat who

desperately wants a friend. He works hard gathering material objects hoping

they will help him find one. He comes to realize that what is most

needed for friendship, he already has.

“Perry the Pack Rat learns to share” in a heartwarming way. After a

day of hard work Perry comes home to discover the door to his home

is stuck and he cannot get inside. What happens to Perry that turns

this problem into great joy.

Newly published, “Paint and Me” is finding a special place

with mothers of small children. This rhyming story of an

adventurous little boy and his stick horse brings a gentle

message of feelings and trust.


All Books available as eBooks at:

Perry the Pack Rat Finds a Friend - Amazon

Perry the Pack Rat Learns to Share - Amazon

Paint and Me - Amazon

Tyler loves Perry the Pack Rat stories


Tyler, who is two and a half was so excited about getting his new book, Perry the Pack Rat Learns to Share, he quickly sat down for a look inside.

Thank You Letters from Students

You really need to read this book I just read. It's called "Perry the Pack Rat Learns to Share". It's about a rat who collects everything. I guess you could call him a pack rat. One day he is collecting things and when he got home he couldn't even open the door! poor Perry couldn't go inside so he had to sleep on a park bench. The next day he went home to unscrew the door and it fell on him. His (friends) came to help while they were helping him Sit Mole told him how some kids didn't have any toys, so Perry decided to give them some. It was a hard decision but he loved the joy it brought to them.

These were two funny stories that you read to us. I liked those stories. I hope to find some in the school library. I think I will become a writer and an illostrater. When I learn how to spell it. Oh well. So bye bye.

I really like your storys. One day I hope I can think of a story to write! I hope I can read some of your other storys! Thank you for reading to us and showing us those wonderful pictures!

I read both of your Perry the Pack Rat books and I Love them a thank you for giving my class the Perry the Pack Rat books and you should be come the greatest Writer. I would love to read your new book a fairy secret. it sound like good book to read when you see this letter I would like to see you again please write back.

Your books are awesome! I like how you think because you help kids learn sharing and carring are important. My favorite book is Perry the Pack Rat Finds a Friend. Your pictures are so cute. My favorite part is He found soap bars and pearls, diamond and whirls and these he would stash with the rest. My favorite pictures are the shakers the sprinkle, the cheese bin, and the dice. I love all your pictures. To me you are a true artist. I love to draw and you are my insperation of art. Did you grow up in Orland or just move here. Nezt time I go to the book store I will search for your books. Thank you so much for the books I love them!!

I love the show you put on. I love the books too. I think it was nice of you to donate those books. It meant a lot to me. I love to read books and I will be able to read them when ever I want. In the book Perry the Pack Rat Learns to Share I like when he got out the table and let the kids get toys and I like when he got locked out of his house that was funny. I also hope I get to read your other books that would be interesting thing. Thank you agian

Thank you for the Perry the Pack Rat Learns to share and finds a friend. My favorite part in Perry learns to share is when he gets smashed by the door. You and J.K. Rowling have both inspired me to write. I hope I'll write a book and send it to you.

Thank you for the wonderful books you gave us and the other classes. Today, when I get home I'm going to tell my mom I met an author. I'm going to tell the author that wrote the Perry the Pack Rat books. I will also tell my mom you gave us Perry the Pack Rat Finds a Friend and Perry the Pack Rat Learns to Share. I also have a few questions for you first. Have you met J.K. Rauling? Mark Twain is one of my favirot author. My last questions is have you been to New York. Once again, Thank you for the donation. I think my mom would want to know if you know the person who wrote Twilight

I would like to say thank you for the books. Do you think your other books will be published soon. So far my favorite book is Perry the Pack Rat Finds A Friend. What is your favorite book? Thank you a lot for coming to our school and telling us abut your books. Is it hard work thinking up a story and drawing the pictures. I hope you make a lot of books. There my favorite books.

Thank you so much for the books. They are awesome. My little cousin Jayden will love these books if I share them with him. He is going into Kindergarden and he could use the life lesson. He'll need it. You are the best I am thanking you also for donating your time to us.


I can't wait to see the effect on my little cousin. My favorite part of Perry the Pack Rat Learns to share is the part when he learns to share and shares with the kids. My favorite part about Perry the Pack Rat Finds a Friend is when he learns that friendship is gained through a kind heart and good deeds not by buying them with toys.


I love your books because it helped me with life. It helped me not be shy to meet new friends. Also it helped me know when I was in preschool to share because it is nice.


P.S. I am in fourth grade.

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