I loved telling stories to my grade school class. Each Monday morning I led them through weekend adventures I had with my pony. I animated these stories to fill the hour and soon our class was looking forward to hearing more. Their lively response to my antics was rewarding and had me wanting to tell stories every day.


I started painting with watercolors as a child and I still prefer using them for illustrating my books.


Paint and Me was my first book and I wrote it for my son doing everything by hand. I pasted words to each picture and made a "book" that he shared with friends. Many years later, while sorting through some old work, I found my original and decided to publish it. I framed my illustrations with some cowboy whimsy and found a great local printer. I am grateful to learn this book is a favorite of small children once again.

I recommend saving scraps of ideas and artwork for future reference and inspiration.


Perry the Pack Rat came to me while I was sleeping and I first thought it was just a dream. But rhyming text is hard to remember so I hurried to my computer before I lost those words. I have never regretted that decision. While reading over this story the following day, I began to see how children might love it .... and so they do.


Since 2006, I've shared both stories about Perry, a very sweet Pack Rat, to well over a hundred and fifty schools in Northern California.


Teachers praise these books and tell me they are kept in classrooms where they are read each day.


All of my stories offer a gentle message with a tug at your heartstrings and colorful, whimsical illustrations.


Perry the Pack Rat's popularity with children, teachers and parents has recently caught the eye of a Bay Area non-profit organization whose focus is providing young readers better access to first-rate children's literature.

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